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Sundlun honored in Belgium for war service

01:00 AM EDT on Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More than 65 years after being shot down after a bombing mission in Solingen, Germany, former Gov. Bruce Sundlun returned to the place in Belgium for a ceremony honoring him and his crew on the B-17 Flying Fortress Damn Yankee.

Sundlun was made an honorary citizen of Jabbeke, in Belgium, where the ceremony was held and where a monument to the crew stands. Five of the crew members were killed when the plane was shot down on Dec. 1, 1943. Sundlun, the pilot, was able to parachute to safety and land in a field at Snellegem, Belgium.

Sundlun said Tuesday that the ceremonies included a memorial service for the crew, a reception at the town hall in Jabbeke, and visits and demonstrations from American troops stationed in Germany. “People were very courteous and hospitable, and the military contingent that came was experienced and first-class,” Sundlun said.

— Amanda Milkovits

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