Jabbeke Remembers !

For the very first time a large scale WW II Remembrance Weekend will be held in West-Flanders during the weekend of 24-26 April 2009 at Jabbeke.
The Paintball Club Jabbeke started with the idea when they met the WW II re-enactment Group “Call of Duty – United Soldiers”.  Some time later the town council and some local historians decided it was time to work together to realise this weekend.

On Friday the 24th the Group will install a military camp with tents along the Varsenareweg and in the afternoon the local schools are invited to learn more about the two World Wars and the local history during these wars.  During the whole weekend there will be an exhibition in the camp.
A large part is attributed to the story of the B17-F “Damn Yankee”, which crashed near the Zomerweg on the 1st of December 1943, as well as the Prisoner of War Camp 2224 along the Stationsstraat.


On Saturday morning, the site is open to the public from 10.30 hours.  There will also be a static show of WW II military oldtimers.

At 13.00 pm the vehicles column will pay a visit to all the surrounding villages accompanied by some international guests and the famous “Passchendaele 1917 Pipes and Drums”.

A first stop is at Snellegem, where a ceremony will be held at the Memorial of the B17-F “Damn Yankee”, at which the USAAF Spandahlem Color Guard will be present.

A second stop will be held for two ceremonies at Stalhille cemetery, one for the civilian war victims and one for the Canadian aircrew from WW I which is buried here, remembering that it were the XII Manitoba Dragoons from Canada who liberated Jabbeke on the 8 September 1944 at 11.00 hours.  The unit was under the command of Captain V.C. Stilwell, whose unit was followed by the 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade.
Afterwards there will be an official reception at the Town Hall of Jabbeke.

In the evening, starting from 19.00 hours on, Jabbeke returns to the fourties once more with a “USO evening”.  (USO or United Service Organisations is a non-profit organisation which still exists).
Everybody is invited to dress 40’s style.  There will be a performance by “KAS, the Forces Sweetheart”, a young and very talented British singer who will bring us the music from Vera Lynn, the Andrew Sisters, etc.  It will be her second performance on the European continent after Bastogne 2008!
KAS has already sung for veterans from the 101st Airborne, Easy Company, and names as Donald G MaLarkey and Earl Mc’Clung will sound very familiar as they became world famous due to the “Band of Brothers” series.
On Sunday the public can visit the site from 10.30 hours on.  Some of the vehicles will be touring on the site and two WW II guns will be firing.  Later that afternoon, there will be a mock-battle between the allied troops and the German Wehrmacht.  A most spectacular event with pyrotechnics, which normally you will only see at Bastogne or Normandy.

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